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Price: S$268.00
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Kit contains:
6 sachets of powder masks
1 Cranberry Exfoliating & Heating Scrub 50ml
1 Liposome Serum 30ml
1 Shaker

Philaroma Cocktail Shaker Mask 
Available in 3 textures: Smoussy, Creamy & Cristally

3 Simple Steps:
Step 1:
Mix 15g of powder & 60ml of water into the cocktail shaker & shake vigorously for a few seconds until the mixing is silenced.

 Step 2:
Apply immediately on the face avoiding the eye contour and let it act for 20 minutes.

Step 3:
Rinse it off with a wet sponge.

Smoussy Strawberry
The Smoussy mask has a surprisingly light & airy texture which can be easily spread on the skin giving it a feeling of instant softness and proven to give the skin a slight improvement of hydration rate. Inside the souffle and whipped texture, Smoussy Strawberry contains high contents of Vitamin C and Vitamin A which helps revitalize the skin and protects the cells against oxidation and degeneration. It is also rich in tanins and famous for its anti-bacterian activity. It offers an optimal degree of moisturization to keep the complexion looking fresh, radiant & glowing.

Smoussy Lemon-Lime
The Smoussy mask has a surprisingly light & airy texture which can be easily spread on the skin giving it a feeling of instant softness and proven to give the skin a slight improvement of hydration rate. Smoussy Lemon-Lime can be used as a tonic and purifying treatment to reveal the complexion brighness. Recommended for oily & greasy skin types. Inside a souffle and whipped texture, Smoussy Lemon-Lime is rich in Vitamin C & AHA to help revitalize the skin and protect the cells against oxidation and regeneration. It creates a zest of freshness for the skin leaving it absolutely radiant & glowing. Lemon & Lime are of citrus nature and are very precious for their essential oils. They have especially stimulating & tonic properties to boost the cells renewal as it is composed with limonene and geranial.

Smoussy Caviar
The Smoussy mask has a surprisingly light and airy texture which can be easily spread on the skin giving it a feeling of instant softness and proven to give the skin a slight improvement of hydration rate. Smoussy Caviar has all the regenerating benefits of the caviar. It focuses mainly on moisturization but it also helps the cells activity to act in synergy to stimulate, regenerate and renewal of the cell metabolism leaving the skin glowing healthy & smoother. Through strong anti-oxidant properties, the caviar prevents the cells membranes from destruction while it neutralizes the free radical scavengers responsible for the cells' ageing process. The caviar extract also strengthens the anti-time activity and causes the skin's elasticity to be regulated and the features of the face to be refined further.

Creamy Cherry
The creamy mask has a surprisingly fondant and onctuous texture which can be easily spread on the skin giving it a feeling of instant softness. Creamy Cherry has a natural cherry perfume which wraps the skin with a sweetened fragrance leaving the skin all fresh from its purifying benefits of the fruit. Creamy Cherry contains highly concentrated anti-oxidant phenolic compounds which aids in the fight for skin ageing. It also contains another anti-oxidant compound known as beta-carotene which helps the skin fight and be better protected against early signs of skin ageing. Beta-carotene is a beauty vitamin for the skin which is the main component for a complexion enhancer role. It helps to beautify the skin while improving the complexion radiance. Ideal mask to boost and revitalize delicate, tired and/or mature skins.

Creamy Chocolate
The creamy mask has a surprisingly fondant and onctuous texture which can be easily spread on the skin giving it a feeling of instant softness. The benefits of cocoa will give a rich moment for the senses and a feeling of well-being for the skin. Creamy Chocolate has an energizing effect for the skin and comes in a very nice, soft & aromatic fragrance from chocolate which helps improve the mental feeling of well-being. Creamy Chocolate is rich in both complex polyphenols and Vitamin E. Both ingredients have a strong anti-oxidant effect and an anti-ageing effect on the skin to keep the complexion blooming. It also help prevent damage caused by free radicals to collagen, elastin and other proteins on the skin.

Cristally Gold
The cristally mask has a surprisingly fondant and onctuous texture which can be easily spread on the skin giving it a feeling of instant softness and proven to give the skin a slight improvement on its hydration rate. Cristally Gold mask is sublimated by the sparkle of the gilded flakes which gives it a luxurious touch. It is only during the application of the Cristally Gold mask will it reveal its pure transparency showing the skin and nothing but the skin's outstanding skin-hugging effect. Gold has always inspired alchemists in their quest for eternal beauty which is becoming more precious in cosmetics nowadays. The golden flakes in Cristally Gold mask gives this treatment brightness and glamour as it represents a symbol of energy and light. Inside this transparent mask, the skin-deep luxury will stand out in this treatment revealing itself a healthy complexion.


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Caitz & Cole's Closet


Price: S$18.90
Contenance: 1 fl. oz (30ml)

Your Effective Callus Remover makes removing callus a breeze!

Callus is an area of hard, thickened skin on the foot that is formed by pressure or friction. If left untreated, it becomes thicker and more painful, and ulcers (abscess) can develop, which can get infected. People with diabetes are at higher risk of serious complications. Many nail salons in Singapore use shaving blades to shave off calluses. The use of blades to shave off calluses can increase the chance of contracting disease as there is no way to know how thick the callus is, which can lead to overshaving, leaving open areas to viruses. Miracle Feet™ provides a safe, quick, sanitary method of removing those troublesome and painful calluses once and for all!

Manufactured in USA, all quality assurance measures are strictly adhered to. The Miracle Feet™ formulation is the result of extensive research and testing using only the finest ingredients.

Now comes with complimentary file.

Step 1:
Apply to callus area

Wrap and let it set for 3-5 minutes (Wipe away excess)

Step 3:
Gently buff away dead skin

Step 4:
Marvel at the dramatic results within 10 minutes

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Reviewer: M. (Singapore)

I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened my package. This bag is just adorable! It's very vintage-looking, with a warmer cream color than shown in the photo. It's still very neutral. The weave gives a lot of visual interest, and it quite believable for faux leather. The little handle is easy to tuck inside the bag, and the flap is particularly cute. Inside is quite roomy, with one little zippered pocket and a metallic gold and white lining. Its sweet chic look has won me over!


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Everything is almost set for the official launch! The pictures are ready and we have even visualized January 2008 Collection! We will be finalizing the January 2008 Collection pretty soon as we intend to release it by early/mid January 2008.

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